Books I've Read in 2020

Book title Month completed Rating (out of 10)
I Capture the Castle (reread) July 10
My Education July 8
Where the Crawdads Sing July 6
Trust Exercise July 10
Love Medicine July 10
What Matters in Jane Austen July 10
Mistborn: The Hero of Ages June 6
Mistborn: The Well of Ascension June 5
Sing, Unburied, Sing May 8
North and South May 8
Persuasion (reread) May 10
Mistborn: The Final Empire May 9
Definitely Maybe May 9
Elantris April 10
Normal People (reread) April 10
The Solace of Open Spaces April 1
Man in the High Castle April 8
Villette April 3
Exhalation March 7
Jane Austen: A Life March 7
The Kiss Quotient Feb 8
Howards End Feb 4
Emma Feb 10
How to Do Nothing Jan 10
The Other Wind Jan 8